Amsterdam International Water Week / Amsterdam RAI

Waste water (Treatment, Recycling, Process industry, Deposit treatment en Purification), Drinking water (Chemical analysis, Legionella Prevention, Equipment, Maintenance and after sale care, Treatment en Purification), Ground water (Purification), Surface water (Purification), Process water (Consultancy of equipment and products, Equipment, Rental/Lease of equipment and products, Recycling en Process industry), Sewerage (Consultancy of equipment and products, Waste water treatment en Purification), Consultancy and engineering (Waste water , Infrastructure, Drinking water, Ecological Consultancy, Process water, Sewerage en Water Management), Information Technology (Management Information Systems, Process technology en Remote sensing), Organizations (Organizations, Financial institutes, Knowledge institutes, Authorities, Associations and Foundations, Water companies en Water boards), Personnel and training (Recruitment and selection), Business Information (Internet en Trade magazines) en Infrastructure (Pumping engines en Pipes)

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