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For the last 50 years, Twynstra Gudde has been one of the Netherlands’ leading organizations in the field of Water Governance. We empower the national and global water sector by providing the right tools for institutional development, capacity building, collaboration between organizations and stakeholder engagement.

Our view on Water Governance
Water Governance entails a proactive approach in which technical measures are embedded in a social and political context. Our extensive experience shows that successful water management relies on shared responsibilities, cooperation between actors involved, integrative solutions and the need for broad support among stakeholders to make technical measures’ implementation possible and effective on the long term. Our approach towards Water Governance is strongly based on the experience that projects have to be embedded in a social context in order to be successful.

In addition, we believe collaboration between government, society and engineers is a requirement for sustainable water governance. We aim to develop and empower the water sector around the world by providing the right tools for institutional development, collaboration between (governmental) organizations and strategic stakeholder participation. Our Water Governance approach has proven to be successful all over the world.

Cordence Worldwide
Twynstra Gudde is an organization with solid Dutch roots, but also with international ambitions as a partner of the exclusive Cordence Worldwide. Through the strategic partnership we have direct access to more than 2,600 advisors. This allows us to answer specific questions in relation to different cultures, working methods, laws and languages. This means that Twynstra Gudde can mobilize knowledge and expertise from Europe, the United States, South Korea, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. All members share the same vision on the advisory profession and the approach to issues. This provides the basis for effective cooperation in national and international assignments. That is also what our clients ask for.

Consultancy and engineering (Waste water , Infrastructure, Drinking water, Ecological Consultancy, Ground water, Process water, Sewerage en Water Management), Organizations (Organizations, Authorities, Water companies en Water boards), Personnel and training (Secondment en Recruitment and selection) en Infrastructure (Consultancy)

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